Oval tables

Oval tables are an Arp specialty,

Have you ever thought of an oval table instead of a straight table? An oval table is the perfect combination between the space that a rectangular table offers and the cosiness of a round table. The table fits into any type of space and has a connecting effect on all levels. A smart choice!

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Oval tables by Arp design, various designs

Sarah Trenité has designed different models of the oval table. The Longlegs, the A-legs, the Spitz, Eye and Scalup, each with a different leg. These tables are designed in such a way that the base offers enough legroom. This way everyone can sit where they want without being bothered by the leg. The oval A-legs table is available as a classic oak dining table in our classic collection and as a birch plywood dining table with a colored HPL (high pressure laminate) in our CC collection.

A smart leg with an ellipse: a connecting table

To be able to sit at the table with as many people as possible, Arp has various smart center legs for the oval tables. Legs that don't get in anyone's way and so that everyone can always join.

oval-tables-birch plywood-with-laminate-HPL-atmosphere-living room-beams-man-portrait-A-legs-CC-Arp-Design

The paw as name giver

The smart leg in the middle is the reason for the name for both the Longlegs and the A-legs and Eye.

The Longlegs owes its name to the famous "Daddy Longslegs" (Vadertje Longlegs), the favorite children's book of designer Sarah Trenité. The table has a cross leg, consisting of two long legs and two shorter, supporting legs. The legs are made of oak and are finished with a matt lacquer or colored pickling oil.

The A-legs owes its name to the leg in the shape of the capital letter A on the crosscut side. Depending on the collection, the leg is made of untreated beech plywood, birch plywood with oak veneer or solid oak. The shape of the leg ensures that it does not bother you when and wherever you are at the table.

Would you like to know more about the different Arp collections or about the combination options of top and leg? Then take a look at our collections .

The top, an ellipse or an oval table?

The definition of an oval is different for everyone, ranging from an egg to an elongated circle. Arp's tables have the purest oval shape: the ellipse. An ellipse is a geometric figure, as opposed to a rectangle with two semicircles at the end, which is also seen as an oval.

So an ellipse is an oval, but an oval is not always an ellipse.



The combination

Because the curvature of an ellipse gradually changes, you can look at everyone at the table from anywhere. In combination with the smart leg, which does not bother you when you sit down, our oval tables are ideal for a large group. That is also the advantage of an oval table; it takes up less space than a rectangular table, but at the same time you can sit at it with more people.

The shape of this table has no hierarchy, after all there is no “head”. It is not for nothing that oval tables are regularly used as conference tables. You can all look at each other and easily talk to each other. This is also the reason that these tables are often used for talk shows on TV. Before this, the Longlegs could be seen in special broadcasts of the NOS, such as the provincial elections and Studio Sportzomer.

At a glance: what are the advantages of an oval table?

An oval table...

  • Takes up less space than a straight table
  • Can be placed at an angle in the room
  • Gives a lot of space to sit
  • Is always cozy, both with a small and with a large group
  • Has no hierarchy
  • Ensures that everyone can look at each other
  • Invites to talk to each other

oval table A-legs bamboo Arp design


Come and see our oval tables

Are you looking for an oval table or would you like to come and see one? Which can!

Our tables can be seen at our store. We can always think along about the right size, type and design of your table. We are happy to do that, because we think it is important that the customer ultimately has the best table for his/her home.

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We like to think along with you

To make it even easier, we have selection aid articles that can help you on your way. For example, our cutting pattern helps you determine the right size and you can request color samples from us. Under the heading selection aid you will also find a lot of information about the different wood types and finishes of the table.

Have you looked at the decision aid and are you still left with questions? Please contact us, we are happy to think along with you.

For meetings, TV recordings and special gatherings , the Longlegs oval table is available for hire . The rental table is 250x115 and is made of solid oak with matte lacquer. Ask us about the possibilities!



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  • Longlegs classic oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2004

    from €4.300,00
  • Spitz classic oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2018

    from €4.825,00
  • A-legs CC Slim white oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2012

    from €2.750,00
  • Eye oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2018

    from €6.575,00
  • A-legs classic oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2012

    from €4.490,00
  • Scalup oval table (exclusive at Loods5)

    Ontwerpjaar: 2019

  • Longlegs classic oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2012

  • A-legs CC Slim oak veneer oval table

    Ontwerpjaar: 2012