New! Our four-legged friend at Up To Do Good

Up To Do Good is a beautiful store at Schiphol Plaza. Not only because of the atmosphere, the people who work there, the products they sell… but also because of the whole setup of Uptodogood. The thought behind it, the intention. And what's more, it's clever to come up with ideas for each product: is it beautiful, is it well produced and, in addition, who or what are we going to help with this?

That is why we are extremely proud that our four-legged Friend has been added to the Up To Do Good label. The legs of the table are inspired by animal paws and are made of fast-growing poplar plywood. The top of the side table is made from the residual material of our large tables. A completely environmentally friendly product. And yes, this side table works well! All proceeds from this side table will be donated to Save The Children, UNICEF and Human Rights Watch. This ensures that it is a very nice product in every respect.

The material used for the legs is sponsored by Drimensa. The milling of the legs is fully sponsored by Roms interior makers. The finishing touch is handmade and done with a lot of love.

Do you want to order the table? Then come in the store at Schiphol Plaza or order it online Up To Do Good.